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SERVICE AREA: Currently we are serving only communities on BOISE, GARDEN CITY, MERIDIAN & EAGLE.


Our RESIDENTIAL CLEANING SERVICE offers cleaning for family-occupied homes, but not recently completed construction.  The complete cleaning of a home or apartment does not include interior fireplace, exterior windows, drapery, laundry and dishes; interior window glass and ornamental plants are optional as well as interior fridge, oven, closets and drawers. Upholstered furniture and carpeting are vacuum cleaned.

We typically start with a DEEP cleaning service and continue with a maintenance cleaning program that may be performed WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY, MONTHLY or just as client’s preference. We offer a full-year recurring service, one-time cleaning, move-in or move-out cleaning and custom cleaning.

The list of tasks that are included in our DEEP cleaning is on the next page. By studying it you can learn in detail all the services that you will get in this first cleaning. Generally it takes up to four people and 4 to 5 hours. For this reason, this work is usually done on Saturdays, first thing in the morning, and as we clean only one house, we can concentrate on the highest quality of work.ç

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