Jean’s Cleaning Services   “JCS SERVICE TASK LIST DETAIL

-Residential 1st. Initial Cleaning (DEEP)



Organize while we clean – Small clutter FREE OF CHARGE!!                                     .

(Medium to large volume of areas covered with clothes, books, toys, etc. may be skipped (or extra charge may apply). –Please read “Tips” at the end of this page-












(Living/dining/family rooms & walkways/hallways/office/bonus)

*Cobwebs removed, light fixtures & ceiling fans dusted.(some also washed &polished)

*Wooden furniture: All dusted and polished; upholstered are vac.

*Lamps, pictures: dusted & polished;  bookcases & shelves dusted (if not empty, just around).

*Vacuum carpets, mats and all other floors if required. (no professional shampoo service provided.)

*Mop hardwood, stone & tile floors (we do not scrub hardwood floors)

*Window sills & frames: wipe cleaned (inside). Window glass: (inside is optional; no service outside).

*Door glass, included back yard, cleaned in & out on every service.

*Blinds: Dusted. (if brush washed extra fee will apply).

*Sliding window & door’s tracks: Dust/vacuum only. (heavy duty cleaning (wet) is extra)

*Wipe doors, frames & knobs; dust air vents, empty waste baskets & bagged.

*Glass surfaces & mirrors: All cleaned.

*Baseboards: Dusted & washed on the knees, stair handrails cleaned & polished.

*Floor corners, edges & switches wipe out.  Decorative plants (extra charges apply).

*Fireplace (outside), mantel & door, TV screen and electronics as needed.(We don’t move electronic equipment)

*Closets and drawers (inside): Optional cleaning, extra charges apply.

*Top niche (recess) dusted if empty (optional, extra charges apply)







*Stove, range, dishwasher, fridge (top incl.) cleaned outside, microwave (in & out) & small appliances.

*Cabinets, cupboards & vanities: Thorough cleaning of exterior surfaces.

*Counter tops, sinks & garbage container: Clean & disinfect

*Mop floors, scrub high traffic areas with heavy dirt build up (Small areas FREE, medium to large areas extra charge may apply)

*Inside fridge and/or oven cleaning is optional, any time needed. (extra charges apply)






*Sinks, toilets, showers, shower doors, bathtubs & tile walls: clean & disinfect all areas (hard   water buildup removed, as much as possible)

*Metal/chrome items: such as faucets & handles: All clean & shine.

*Mirrors, light switches: All cleaned.

*Wood surfaces: All clean, polish & shine.

*Some hand scrub on floor, if needed (extra charges may apply)

BEDROOMS *Beds: Strip beds (up to two beds FREE) and remake with fresh linens (one bed, once a month), beds with  buttoned duvet will pay extra charge. (Fresh linens must be left on the bed to receive service).

*Vacuum carpets, dust & polish furniture and allover. No curtain cleaning service provided.


(subject to quotation)

*Interior wall cleaning: Dusted and or washed. (spot removing, if possible)

*Porch cleaning: sweep away and/or washed.

*Garage cleaning: sweep, washed, dusted, etc. (empty area)

*Other: By special request (if available)


All appliances will be outside cleaned: top,  front & sides, (Whenever is possible).

We do not clean under or on back of heavy   appliances or furniture unless it has wheels






*Inside of fridge, oven, dishwasher, etc. (extra charges will apply) .  Microwave will be cleaned in & out on every service. Light cleaned wall washed is also extra.

*(all parts will be removed)

STOVE (inside)*      $ 10.00 $ 15.00 $ 30.00 $ 45.00
FRIDGE (inside) – empty      $ 15.00          $ 25.00       $ 45.00      $ 60.00
MICRO  (inside) FREE FREE $ 10.00      $ 15.00
BLINDS(5’ x 5’) dusted

(larger sizes may cost higher)


(up to 5 units)

         $   2.50

     (more than 5)

      $   7.50       (washed)      $ 10.00 (degreased)
TRACKS (hand brushed plus heavyduty remover 2.5’ length)     $  4.00 $  6.00
DOOR TRACK, 5’ length     $  7.50 $10.00

JCS-F006 092617

TIPS: Deep cleaning (DC) is a costly operation. It is a comprehensive service that will not be repeated in subsequent maintenance cleanups. For this reason, the client should take the opportunity to ensure that the spaces to be cleaned are as clear as possible. It is suggested that sites that are very congested with various objects should be provisionally stored in cardboard boxes to be returned to their place once the shelf or furniture has been completely cleaned. At the same time, the client can eliminate what is not needed and accommodate those things more appropriately.